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A collection & selection of our favorite photos from our favorite places. Included are trip tips on hotels, restaurants and other where to go and where to miss places. In addition to showing our photos we will tell you how they were shot including the equipment and settings used. As we have a great love of nature we have also added a gallery of wildlife photographs. No photographic data but there is information for each animal, including it's current status in the wild. For a walk on a different type of wild side have a look at the just added (1/27/09) Fire Photography Gallery but please be sure to read the disclaimer first. Whatever your preference, please look around & enjoy - we hope you have a great visit!
NOTE: All photos contained in eastofozroadtrips.com are © M. Dick and cannot be used without permission
Bryce Canyon
National Park

Full Moonrise - 12 photos
State Park

3 photos
Utah & Arizona
Monument Valley
21 photos
Mexican Hat
6 photos
Moki Dugway
3 photos
Fire Photograph Gallery -
A Gallery of the FDNY in action
1/10/10: This section has it's own website
and over 150 photos!

Either link will take you to the new site:
Wildlife Gallery of Animal Photos
42 photos


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